Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Care Companionship and 24 Hr Stay-in service in Mumbai

To make difference in someone's life you don't need to be brilliant, rich beautiful or perfect, you just have to care. Aaji Care has completed Two years doing this sincere effort to bring positive diffidence to families in the need of care through these wonderful trained Home Care Assistant.

On this occasion on second year anniversary, we have started a new service called "Care Companionship" in Mumbai where an educated staff (Graduates/MSW) will be spending 4-6 hrs with the senior citizens or patients who are mobile but they need some kind of assistance to do their day-to-day activities. For e.g., reading mails, newspaper, spiritual books, visiting doctors, bank & having friendly conversations on current affairs, general knowledge or any topic in their interest & they will also be supervising in checking their Blood Pressure, Sugar, Temperature. Helping them getting in touch with their children abroad through video call or phone calls. We can personalize this further based on individual need which is suitable to Companionship role.

We have started this services because of growing requirements of Care Companions for seniors who are living all alone or who are cut out from their social connect. Therefore, we have started this service of "Care Companionship" from 15th August' 2014.

We have also started work to provide 24 Hr stay-in Home Care Assistant and planning to start it in one month time. If you have any questions, suggestion please send email to

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Redefining Care

Aaji Care is happy to share that its continuous effort to redefine care at home has been recognized at two prestigious platforms in social sector. Aaji Care was in top 3 finalist in Healthcare sector for Sankalp 2014 awards which is most prestigious award in social sector across India. We were also in top 20 social enterprises selected as part TATA Social Enterprise challenge award run by IIM Calcutta.

We are continuously striving to improve quality of care at home delivered and improve quality of life for families in need of care at home. We are working to include technology and innovation to help our delivery model and are also working to create partnership, collaboration to drive maximum benefits to clients as well Care Assistant working with us.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you all our clients and people who have been supporting us. We promise that we will continue to work passionately to deliver our vision for each family in the need of care which is "To improve quality of life for families in need of care"