Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Love you Life - An event for Senior citizens

Love your Life and Lead a better life that is the message we want to give to our senior citizen community. Aaji Care is happy to announce our first event in series of event planned in near future around well-being of senior citizens. 

This event is organized on 13th Dec 2015 Sunday at Mukteshwar Ashram, IIT Market, Powai, Mumbai. It will comprise three 30 min sessions by experts on below topics
    • Meditation & mindfullness
    • “Yoga” way of Life
    • Medication and Drug management
We believe these session will help them lead better life. We are also going to give introduction about various elder care services provided by Aaji Care.

Aaji Care Home Health Services which is organizing this event is Mumbai's most trusted Home Health service provider and have been running operations successfully in Mumbai for last more than 3 years.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Happy International World Elderly Day

Compassion has power to change life and our team can demonstrate it. To maintain good health what you need is love , belonging , social connect and helping hand. We want to provide extended hand to families with elderly to address their daily challenges and brong smile to their face,

This entire October on the occasion of world Elderly day, we offer free first visit for any of the below services for elderly. 

We offer customized services & monthly packages for elderly unique needs

1) Assistance for Doctor / Lab / Hospital visit
2) Nursing visit for Bp / Sugar / pulse monitoring and medicine management
3) Sugar check / Insulin management
4) Bank / Bills management assistance
5) Counselling session for Dementia / Alzheimer
6) Safety checks to avoid falls
7) Emergency hospitalization assistance
8) Physiotherapist visit to improve mobility through exercises
9) Rental surveillance monitoring

We also take care of end to end services for elderly staying alone away from their children. These services might help to take away guilt for kids who care for their parents but cant find time due busy life style and growing career demands.