Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Positive Story about Dementia Care Giver

Dementia Care with a difference

A few years ago, we received a call from a gentleman named Mr. Prashant Naik. A banker by profession, he lived in a small house along with his father, mother, wife, sister and a child. Mr. Prashant’s father aged approximately 70 years had undergone a hip replacement surgery after a fall. He was also diagnosed with dementia around 3 years ago. Along with decreased mobility due to surgery, uncle would often lose his temper and become aggressive. The physical injury had started affecting his mental well being.

On receiving a call from Mr. Prashant, our service manager explained to him about the home care services and soon he started with 10-hour service for his father.

Ms. Disha Shinde, an enthusiastic and patient young girl took this challenge up and started visiting uncle daily. With her behavior acumen, she soon became friends with the uncle. Mr. Prashant provided a very friendly and comfortable environment to Disha which ultimately helped her in bringing out the best of uncle’s capabilities. Disha made a routine for uncle and daily for a couple of hours, she would engage him in a variety of intellectual and mentally creative activities. They together would solve jigsaw puzzles and do other mental activities like drawing, coloring etc. Days passed by and uncle gradually started returning to a healthier physical state. Soon he started getting up on his own and sit without support. Walking independently also followed gradually. Physiotherapy sessions also played a big role in his overall recovery along with the daily set of activities that were conducted by Disha.

Today, uncle is living a healthier life and continues availing Aaji Care’s services.


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